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Piles of caps all around the office - our modus operandi

Piles of caps all around the office - our modus operandi

For the first time since the site’s creation in 2016, Death Caps has finally re-opened up an online storefront to facilitate sales for the Revenant, Cross Caps (v1), Oculon (v2), and Blanks for Cherry MX switches.

After weeks of assemble and cap creation, we finally were able to assemble a cohesive launch of the website storefront on November 28th, 2018 and despite a few hiccups, we managed to blow past all expectations and sell out of all of the hand-crafted keycaps within a few hours! We worked through some bugs on the site including challenges with the mobile-platform shopping cart disappearing, but have since taken a lot of feedback and made changes to make a user-friendly shopping experience, with immediate feedback on order fulfillment, tracking, and delivery.

We couldn’t be prouder of the giant leap we have made back into the online storefront space, venturing away from google forms and raffles, but we still have plans to expand even further. In the coming months, we plan to facilitate random number generation (RNG) into the storefront as well, mirroring the best of both worlds of raffle sales and website usability.

Needless to say, we are absolutely blown away by all of your support, and are deeply ingratiated to this community and the love we feel from all of you.

Thank you for making Death Caps a possibility.

Much love,

D + M

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