Collab with Hunger Work Studio!

Hey, folks!

I have been patiently waiting to post this for weeks now, and the proverbial cat is out of the bag!

DeathCaps and Hunger Work Studio have completed a week-long collaboration out of the Death Caps studio in Phoenix, AZ, and boy, do we have something awesome in store for you!

Revthulu - Artisan KeyCap Collab, December 2018 Hunger Work Studio / Death Caps

Revthulu - Artisan KeyCap Collab, December 2018
Hunger Work Studio / Death Caps

The week started with Binge landing at 11pm in Phoenix, doing the running man dance in the terminal. Insta-friends from there on. Binge was king of the clay, master of tools, and new music extraordinaire. Death Caps was the purveyor of beer, maker of molds, and constant but welcome critic to all creations. Mrs. Death Caps was responsible for general merriment, food acquisition and distribution, and always being the last person to wake up.

Mold making with Synth v.3 butts

Mold making with Synth v.3 butts

When we weren’t sculpting, pouring molds, making masters, sanding, clipping, dipping, pulling or being harassed by the cat, we had an absolute blast coming together, as evidenced by beers, guitar, food, and more food.

Before leaving, we made sure to hit up great food spots in Phoenix. If you are ever in the Downtown Phoenix area, make sure to check out “Welcome Diner” and “Otro Cafe” for some incredible food and ambiance. Also, these two restaurants are the only reason we left the house for 8 days, so if we’re going to leave, we’re going to leave for something amazing!

And finally, shout out to the wonderful Mr. and Mrs. Dongblaster for meeting up with us at “The Wandering Tortoise” for celebratory “bon voyage” beers to Binge on his last day in Phoenix (until 2019 at least).

We had such a great time, and are so proud to present Revthulu to all of you! There are plans in the works for future collabs of course, and as of 1:54 pm on 12/9/2018, there is a perfect mold created, which is always the biggest hurdle.

Thank you to Binge for coming all the way out to the desert and spending time in our studio, putting up with our food obsessions, and for being one of the most creative and technically capable artists we’ve had the pleasure of spending time with.

Cheers to a great 2019, and Cheers to a BRAND NEW COLLAB SCULPT!

Love always,

Death Caps

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