Koshka proto 1.png


Death Caps, Artisan Keycaps - Prototypes on Cherry MX molds. Oculon keycap, Koshka Keycap, Pentacross Keycap, Revenant keycap and colorway prototypes


Death Caps Prototypes

Death Caps Artisan Key Caps: Cherry MX Artisan Revenant, Crosscap v1, and Oculon v2.

Products of the Keyboard Yoga Club sales, online Black Friday Sales, and the inaugural website shop launch. We had a lot of fun with this sale, especially with the creation of the No Face and our collaboration with Keyboard Yoga Club. It has been a whirlwind to get new caps created with the new series of synth-butts coming out (v3 ftw!). Thank you for your support as always!